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Community & Aquatic Center Rules

Community Center & Aquatic Center Guidelines

Patron Behavior Guide 

For the Parks & Recreation to be used and enjoyed by all patrons the following guidelines should be observed:
  • This policy pertains to behavior in the Community Center building and on all Parks Grounds.
  • Inconsiderate use of cell phones will not be tolerated.
  • To ensure the safety of our young patrons, parents are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children.
  • To ensure a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment, proper use and care of the building and all materials is essential. Patrons may not deface or improperly remove community center materials, equipment or furnishings, or prevent timely access to P&R resources through theft or deliberate misuse of materials.
  • No one may interfere with another person’s right to use the facility free of disruption or with the staff’s performance of their duties.
    • Examples of disruptive behavior include use of obscene language, running, throwing objects, resting feet on furnishings or equipment, or any activity resulting in the disruption of facility use. The P&R Staff are empowered to identify disruptive behavior. Refusal to comply with the reasonable request of the staff members will be considered disruptive behavior.
  • Threatening the safety or rights of another person, violent or disorderly behavior, threats of violence or use of abusive language, possession of weapons, blocking entrances or interfering with people entering/exiting the building are not acceptable.
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco is not permitted anywhere in the building or on grounds unless a permit is acquired. The use of narcotics is indefinitely not permitted anywhere in the building or on grounds.
Any patron violating the above guidelines may be denied access to the Community Center by the Director or designee. The staff reserves the right to contact the Police Department for assistance related to the dismissal of a patron.
Aquatic Center Pool Rules
 1. Mature responsible person (at discretion of the head lifeguard) must accompany children under 7 years of age.   Height and/or displayed swimming ability can replace minimum age.
  • Height – 48 inches.
  • Swimming ability – Warm Water Pool – Two widths of pool with a dog paddle without stopping or touching the sides or bottom.
  • 5 - 5 Foot Area – two widths of the pool with a dog paddle without stopping or touching the sides or bottom
  • 12 Foot Area - one width of the pool with face-in front crawl stroke without stopping or touching sides, with regular breathing (does not have to be side breathing).
  1. Non-swimmers or weak swimmers of any age must notify lifeguard on duty. They will remain in the shallow end of the pool no deeper than their armpits. Any known medical conditions should be reported to the lifeguard on duty.
  2. All persons must obey rules and requests made by lifeguards. The lifeguards on duty have the right to ask anyone not following pool rules to leave and may set “time out” at their discretion.
  3. Swimsuits or trunks must be worn by persons using the pool. No cut-offs or street clothes are allowed.
  4. All pool users must shower with SOAP and water. Any person leaving the pool for any reason must take another shower before re-entering the pool.
  5. No food, chewing gum, or beverages are allowed in the locker rooms or pool area.
  6. Persons with illnesses and/or large open sores and/or Band-Aids are not permitted in the pool area. If there is any doubt or questions, please check with a staff member.
  7. Persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotics are prohibited from using the pool.
  8. No running in lobby, locker rooms or pool deck.
  9. No outdoor shoes allowed on deck or in the locker rooms.
  10. No rough housing. (Pulling or pushing, throwing people, choke holds, jumping on each other, pushing off of inner tubes, etc.)
  11. No one may jump from starting blocks, they do not belong to Parks and Rec.
  12. No back dives or back flips from edge of pool.
  13. No walking on deck while wearing flippers.
Locker Room Expectations
  • No shoes
  • No food or gum
  • Shower completely (hair and body) before entering pool.
  • No cell phone usage
Pool Toys and Equipment Rules
  • Pool toys stay on the shallow end of the 5 foot rope, unless the lifeguard closed the diving board. Toys must stay out of the lap lanes.
  • NO hanging from lane lines or 5 foot rope.
  • No walking on deck while wearing flippers.
  • No staking pool toys over or under inner tubes.
  • Stay off starting blocks.
  • No inner tubes or large floaties in bubble couch area.
  • No inner tubes on water slide.
  • No playing under water slide exit area during use.
  • No walking or climbing on blue tiled area around bubble couch or stairs.
Slide Rules
  • Maximum operation load: 1 person/2 persons (Max weight: 300 lbs)
  • Children under 48 inches tall are not permitted on this slide. *
    • *Unless parent is at the bottom of the slide to catch
  • Eyeglasses must be securely affixed to riders with head-straps.
  • Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation are not permitted.
  • Only one rider to enter the slide at a time. *
    • *Exception: one parent with child (6 months to 3 years) lap riding.
  • Never form chains
  • Slide MUST be ridden FEET first lying down on your back or in a sitting position (sit up to go slower, lay down to go faster).
  • Riders must wait for the Lifeguards start signal before starting the ride
  • Keep arms and hands inside the slide at all time
  • Do NOT run, dive, stand, kneel, rotate, or stop in the slide
  • CAUTION: For Safety reasons, pregnant woman and person with heart conditions or back trouble should not ride this slide.
Sauna Rules
  1. Age limit is 16 years and older or with a parent/guardian.
  2. Sauna light is required to be ON during any sauna usage. Turn off after leaving.
  3. Only tap water may be used on sauna rocks and one ladle at a time.
  4. Sauna users must shower before entering the pool.
  5. The use of cameras is not allowed in the sauna. 
  6. Appropriate clothing much be worn in sauna, see through undergarments are not acceptable. 
Diving Board Rules
  1. One person at a time on the board.
  2. One bounce only.
  3. Jump straight off end of board, not side.
  4. Leave board with feet only.
  5. No goggles when diving from board.
  6. After surfacing from diving swim to the ladder nearest the locker room wall.
  7. When diving board is open – do not swim under or near diving board.
  8. No yelling or distracting people while they are diving.
  9. No inward or reverse diving allowed on board. (Anything that brings a person’s head near the diving board at a high speed.)
  10. Diving board may be closed at lifeguard’s discretion.

Fitness Center Rules

1. Children 14 years and older may use cardio and fitness Equipment. 
2. After using equipment wipe down with sanitizer, and put away appropriately, for example, re-stack plates, put weights back in their place, etc. 
3. If there is a line of people waiting to use a cardio machine please limit your time to 30 minutes. 


  1. No tape markings or writing of any kind are to be used on the gym floor.
  2. No food or open beverage containers allowed.
  3. No spitting or gum is permitted in the gymnasium.
  4. No glass containers.
  1. Only scuff-resistant are allowed. Dark soled running shoes, turf shoes, spiked shoes, and any other types of shoes which mark the floor are absolutely prohibited. Muddy or dirty shoes are not permitted. Participants are asked to please change into a separate, clean pair of shoes for their indoor recreational use.
  2. Clean-up and report spills to staff.
  3. Water containers must have a secure lid and cannot be taken into the gym floor.
  4. Remove all garbage and clothing from bleachers when your group is finished.
  1. All rollerblade, roller-skates, wheels of any kind must only be for in-door use
  2. Wheels must be free of all dirt, rocks, and debris.
  3. No jagged edges, broken plastics, metal spokes on wheels are allowed.

Activity Room

When finished using the activity room:
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Wipe down the counters, sinks, and tables.
  • Remove and dispose of any decorations you may have brought
  • Remove any food from the refrigerator so that it doesn’t end up forgotten and bad.